Sometimes we get off track in our business. We find a shiny object and we get distracted, going in what we think is the right (new) direction.

But really, we’ve just lost our way. Those shiny objects are really good at keeping us from focusing on our mission and vision (which is the reason we got into business in the first place). Eventually, we look at our business and it’s a stranger we don’t really want to get to know better.

Have you ever felt this way? So disconnected from your business that you don’t recognize it anymore?

This is when it’s time to recalibrate and get back to your mission and vision so you can keep growing in the right direction.

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Remember Your Mission and Vision

When was the last time you looked at your mission, vision and values? Do you have them posted on the wall in your office?

If you’re not crystal-clear on your mission, it’s easy to forget and get distracted by new ideas. And before you know it, you’re in a rabbit hole of something that looks nothing like you imagined for your business.

You may need to redo my mission, vision, values exercise so you can get back to where you want to go. It’s your mission, vision and values that should guide your business, not shiny objects.

Question Everything

Think about why you do specific things in your business, from agreeing to a project to starting a passion project of your own. Then make sure what you’re doing fully aligns with your mission.

On a recent call, one of my mastermind sisters talked about something new she’s creating in her business. She felt a little stagnant, so she went into creation mode. But the reality is that what she was creating wasn’t going to move her any closer to her mission or vision for her business.

She needed to stop and take a step back so she could ask herself some vital questions.

Why are you doing what you’re doing? Why did you say “yes” to that project? Are you looking to generate more revenue? Do you need to get in front of a different audience?

If that shiny object doesn’t lead you toward your mission, it’s not something you need in your business right now.

Realign Your Website

One of the things that often gets people off track is that their website is outdated and doesn’t reflect what is happening today in their business. If services on your site are not what you’re currently offering, you run the risk of someone wanting to hire you for something that you no longer do.

And if you’re in a place of needing the income, you’re likely to say “yes” to something that’s no longer aligned with where you’re going. It happens.

Once you’ve gone through the mission, vision, values exercise, be sure to review your website and social media to make sure that your messaging is aligned.

You are the boss. You get to make the decision about which direction you want your business to go. That’s one of the joys of being a business owner. But I want you to ask yourself, “What am I doing today in my business to get to where I want to be?” If you can’t clearly define what you’re doing, it’s time to realign and recalibrate. And that starts with revisiting your mission.

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