You’re all over your next-year planning and “growth” is written all over it. I just love watching amazing, driven women grow sustainable, life-changing businesses.

Are you ready for all that growth though?

3 Things You Need in Place To Scale Your Business

Setting a goal to grow and scale is one thing, but to do it without losing your marbles is something else entirely. You need to have a few things in place in order to do it right.

Your long-term vision

Keeping your vision top-of-mind is key in making the right decisions for your business. You need to know where it is you want to go so you’re always going in the right direction.

When was the last time you really looked at that vision? I recommend revisiting your mission and vision on a regular basis so you can make changes inside your business as you grow as a business owner. You’ll be able to be more strategic about your growth, which will save you time and money in the long run.

Revisit that vision now so it’s fresh when you’re planning for the new year. And if you’re already deep into planning, do a quick check-in to make sure you’re on track.

Systems and processes

How many of your systems and processes are stored in your head, never to see the light of day? Too often business owners put off hiring team members because the thought of teaching someone the process scares them.

If you have quality systems in place–systems that are documented in your standard operating procedures–delegating tasks would be a cinch. With the thought of hiring on your mind, start documenting all the tasks that are outside your zone of genius or that you just don’t enjoy doing. You can make a how-to list or create a video of you performing a task. It may be helpful to hire someone to help you put this information together too.

When you hire someone to fill that role or take over those tasks, leave space for them to ask questions or even develop the SOPs for themselves.

Supportive team members

We all love team members who cheer us on and support us, but even more important is a team of people who can help us take a load off. There are a lot of moving pieces in a business, and you need to have a clear structure for what that looks like. If you’re a service-based business I recently showed you a sample structure, dividing up the front of the house and the back of the house for you.

It’s important to get really clear on job responsibilities so you can be free to be the visionary of your business. Start thinking about how you’ll add to your team in the new year (or before) to help you step into that CEO role and truly lead.

If you’re ready to scale, don’t let a lack of resources or true vision put you off. There’s plenty of time to get ready for the new year, but you will have to put in the work to get there. Get started now! (And if you feel like you need help finding that direction, Biz Planning Bootcamp is the place to be!)

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