It’s human nature. We’re not meant to survive on our own. Even back to the earliest times, people relied on one another to help with the hunting and gathering, taking care of children and protecting our families from the enemy.

It’s true in business too. We feel more secure when someone is in the thick of things with us.

Even if you’re a solopreneur, it’s time to find someone to help hold you accountable in your business. You’ll move forward faster than you ever thought possible, but only if you find the right person. Here, just four (of the many) things you’ll gain from having an accountability buddy in your business.

Benefits of an Accountability Partner

Another Perspective

You can’t be an expert in every area of business, and no one expects you to. But if you’re not ready to hire someone, an accountability partner is a great resource to help give you another perspective of business or of a specific challenge you’re having. They’ll look at things from a different perspective and help you make unbiased decisions that are best for your business.

An accountability partner can also serve as your board of directors for your business, especially if you have a group of forward-thinking business owners on your side.

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Someone to Check In With

When you get busy, it’s easy to let your own business goals fall by the wayside while you’re hunkered down and working on client projects. But when you have a standing appointment with an accountability buddy, you’re more likely to get our own work done. No one wants to show up for a meeting with their accountability partner, only to have to say they’ve made no progress. If someone’s checking up on you, you’re going to get the work done.

Built-in Cheerleader

A lot of times, our non-business friends and loved ones just don’t understand what’s going on in our businesses. It’s not their fault; this really is its own world. When you have an accountability buddy or two, you have someone who knows your business inside and out and can celebrate your wins with you, big or small. And there’s also someone there when things don’t go quite as planned, because we need cheerleaders when we’re up and down.

Someone to Challenge You

It’s easy to play it safe, especially when you’re feeling stuck and “less than.” But an accountability buddy with a strong personality can call you out and push you to take the next big step, resulting in forward momentum and growth. They can see beyond your fears at what you’re really capable of and give you the encouragement and drive to do what you need to do. And, of course, they’ll check back with you to make sure you did it.

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When you’re looking for an accountability buddy or group, I recommend you look for strong personalities in industries outside your own. That helps you get different perspectives on business ownership that you wouldn’t necessarily think of. You serve different types of clients and customers, making the added perspective and time you invest more valuable.

4 Powerful Benefits of an Accountability Partner

Accountability is such a huge part of business, especially when you are the sole owner. My accountability groups are exactly why I’ve made it to where I am today, and why I’ll continue to move forward. Because I have the support, thought leadership and cheerleaders to get me there.

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