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One of the best things about business ownership is your ability to shift, grow, develop and redefine who your business serves and how. You are at liberty to shift in your business and now is the perfect time to do just that.

Your business mission, vision and values are what should drive you every day.

They’re the backbone, the messages that help you to decide which projects to take on and when to put the blinders on and look the other way. They are also foundational to strategic planning for your business.

Get Your Business Mission, Vision, & Values on the Right Track

I have a free guide to defining or redefining your mission, vision and values for your business that you can grab here:

But before you get started, let’s put this all in context.

The Meaning Behind Your Business Mission, Vision, and Values

If you don’t have a mission, vision or values in your business yet, it’s important to know what each is so you can write them accordingly.

Your mission should tell the overall goal of your business: who you’re helping and how. It involves action and how you perform that action in a way no other business can.

Business Mission, Vision & ValuesYour vision is where your business is going and more broad than your mission. It’s more of a feeling and a sense of purpose now and in the future. Think long-term goals of who you will help and what that looks like for them.

Your values help to describe how your business acts and behaves. It’s a moral compass that helps to guide the decisions you make in your business and how you conduct business in general. These often have a lot to do with you as the business owner.

What to Do With This

Okay, so you’ve downloaded the freebie and you’re feeling like you know the difference between a mission, vision and values. Now what?

  • Set aside time. Developing or tweaking your mission, vision and values takes time, especially as you’re growing and making changes. Set aside several hours, over the course of a few days, to really take the time to dive in and give this task justice. (And use my downloadable to help you ask the right questions and incorporate what you need into your own statements.)
  • Bring your team into the loop. Your team sees your business from a different perspective than you do, and their thoughts are an important addition to this process.
    Work with a business bestie or coach to develop or review your mission, vision and values.Click To Tweet
  • Make it visible. Once you’ve developed your statements, post them somewhere you’ll see them daily. Having these statements top-of-mind when you’re making decisions in your business is vital, so you’re sure to stay the course.
  • Revisit regularly. I recommend revisiting your mission, vision, and values at least once a year. If you’ve made big changes or leaps in your business, you may want to do this more often to make sure you still have a clear vision for where you want to go and you’re on the right track.

We’re not meant to do this business ownership thing alone. That’s why I’m not only offering the mission, vision and values freebie above, but also giving you the support and tools to truly make an impact. It’s called Biz Planning Bootcamp and pre-sale is only open for a limited time . Doors close December 1. Find out more now!

Get Your Biz Mission, Vision & Values on the Right Track with Biz Planning Bootcamp