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You love being the right-hand woman for successful visionaries, but something’s just not clicking at this point.

You’ve been working as a VA or OBM in not only admin roles, but project management, human resources, logistics, financialsand maybe even more. Or you know you’re capable of all of that, if you just had the chance to step up as the natural leader you are.

  • You know there’s an uplevel for you, but don’t quite know how to best strategize it
  • You’re not booking clients that leverage your best skills or allow for a leadership role
  • You have some biz buddies, but none that totally get what you do as an operations-minded person
  • You know you have massive untapped potential, but aren’t sure how to access and maximize it
  • You’re a leader everywhere else in your life and you want your business model to reflect that, too
  • You have too many clients and are ready to transition to fewer clients with more profit


But then you think, “How exactly do I change my business model in a way that serves my purpose, my people and me?”

You can…

Become Certified

Get certified to be a Director of Operations, gaining knowledge in the 4 Core Areas of Operations: Human Resources, Project Management, Leadership, and Financials & Data

Grow Your Referral Network

Gain access to a priceless referral network giving you a pipeline for ongoing work, so no more feast or famine cycle for you!

Launch New Services

Walk away with three highly marketable services that you can start selling immediately

Avoid Burning Out

Stop burning yourself out on putting out promos and marketing yourself because you’ll have a consistent stream of clients that keep coming to you

Access My Proprietary Process

Get lifetime access to my proprietary licensed Strategic Mapping™ process and project management templates, which you can use to generate more revenue in your business

Earn More

Develop, streamline and integrate new services and offerings in your business that will uplevel your pricing structure

Gain Clarity

Get clarity in how to connect with the kind of high-level clients that need your skill-set and are in a position to keep your business profitable

And perhaps most importantly...

Connect with a cohort of like-minded women who get you, led by a mentor who’s been where you are and has grown and scaled like you want to

So, basically – in just 10 weeks – you get the skill set, certification and network that makes your success as a Director of Operations pretty much inevitable.

(Note: Only if *you* show up. No one can get you there except…you.)

That’s what my signature Director of Operations Certification Program does. It’s a 10-week mentoring program for experienced operations-minded women who are ready to level up their client-base, increase their income and become the leaders they were born to be.

The DOO Program equips you with an exclusive certification that allows you to learn the best way for you to structure your business so that your dream clients are your only clients and you’re making the kind of money that fits your lifestyle.

Plus, you get continual access to my network to act as a pipeline of work and a constantly refreshed client pool for you.

I’m interested. Put me on the wait list!

Okay, so this is how the program works:

  • Video content delivered weekly so you can dive deep into the topics and master them before moving on
  • Live weekly strategy sessions for practical application and to get clarity on anything you need extra support with
  • Private Facebook group to connect with your cohort – the safe space you’ve been craving to talk through your work – the good, the bad, the challenging, the rewarding.
  • Reiteration application exercises to use what you’ve learned before you’re out on the job or to position yourself to raise your rates
  • Continual access to my mentoring via the Facebook group

Enrollment is currently closed, but you can get on the wait list now!

Investment: $2,997 (3 and 6-installment payment options are available)

As part of the application process, you’ll need to have the following available:

  • Kolbe A Index results
  • RocketFuel Test results
  • Your resume

What does a day in the life of a Director of Operations look like? Check out this video below to find out:

What others are saying…

This certification is the missing piece of strategy and high-level processes that I’ve been craving but didn’t know exactly how to find, get, or figure out on my own. It’s been a game-changer.

MeLisa Bowring Dill

Owner, MeLisa Dill & Company

Within just a few weeks of completing my Director of Operations Certification, I was promoted to Chief of Staff for a senior executive at a Fortune 10 company. I also landed a 7-figure client to support in a part-time COO capacity! I easily got 3x back on my investment into this program within my first few months.

Jennifer Grayeb

Joining the Director Of Operations Certification in Fall of 2018 was a no brainer. I was looking for confirmation in my professional experience and capabilities and a boost in confidence to work lead online teams. Natalie Gingrich has been an asset to my strategy and systems business as she has offered endless tips, encouragement, and motivation to move forward. During the program, she generously and unexpectedly trained me on what is now my signature service for all clients. 

Her wealth of knowledge, generosity, and caring heart (+candor) have set her apart in the online space. The most beneficial aspects to the program were the boundary, price, and scope setting. This information has really led to a much stronger conviction in the value of what I have to offer clients and given me a better idea on how much to charge. The cherry on top has been the attention she has given me for my individual professional endeavors and has provided an example of how I want to serve my clients.

Ellen McElveen

Owner, One Less Thing Management

Meet Natalie…

So it’s about time I introduced myself, right? I’m Natalie – Project Manager turned Director of Operations Certification Mentor. After spending 15 years in corporate at a Fortune 150 company, I dove into entrepreneurship leveraging my project management certification and skills for high-level influencers in the online and small business worlds.

As much as I love streamlining and executing projects for 7-figure business owners, I’m definitely a Change-the-World kind of gal. And what I saw in that world was a ton of super capable women whose skill sets were not leveraged and whose natural tendency toward leadership wasn’t acknowledged. With my background, experience, and contacts, I knew I could change that for the women who are ready for the kind of mentorship I offer.

I spend my business life on stages and in high-level masterminds cultivating relationships with the influencers that need the exact kinds of support you learn in my DOO Certification program. Through the conversations I have with these 6 and 7-figure business owners, I’ve learned what their teams need most and created my program based on the most marketable and sustainable skills in the industry right now.

I am a no-nonsense, sports-loving, working mama who takes no excuses and will push you to be your best self everyday…and then give you the highest of high fives with every win! (Just ask my kids!)

When you graduate from the Director of Operations Certification Program, you will:

Be Certified

Be officially certified as a Director of Operations with the ability to use your new knowledge and skills in your business immediately.

Access Exclusive Resources

Have access to all of my licensed resources that you can leverage for your own services

Have New Offers

Develop new offerings that are aligned with your strongest skills

Receive Referrals

Be part of the exclusive referral network JUST for graduates of this program

Listen, I know you see a new course or group program coming out every two weeks and everyone tells you that it’s the silver bullet your business NEEDS for success. The Director of Operations is NOT for everyone. It is perfect for you if…

  • You’re experienced as an operations-minded gal: you have a minimum of two years of serving clients as an implementer or integrator (aka task-master) and you’re ready to leverage your leadership skill set and lead teams of contractors
  • You want to be credentialed in Operations
  • You’re ready to uplevel your clients and your business in a sustainable way
  • You want access to proprietary tools and resources that are proven to work
  • You need a mentor and community that gets you and what you do
  • You want access to the high-level leads (business owners) that are coming to me – they’re yours with this certification!

When it comes to investing in someone or something, it’s important to put your money toward as sure of a thing as you can find. If you know you’re ready to take on a Director of Operations role, learning from someone who’s been in your shoes and grown and scaled her business in the way that you want to? That’s your best bet.

Join the wait list and be notified when the next round is open for enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How is this program different than an OBM certification?

OBM certifications are about how to “get stuff done” as an implementer. A director of operations (DOO) is an executive level role that serves an an integrator of strategy. A DOO understands the vision, creates the plan, and leads a team to execute that strategized plan. While they are both leadership roles, the DOO role is a progression from the OBM role.

If I’m already an OBM, is this program for me?

Unlike an OBM, DOO’s utilize the expertise of the business owner or marketing director to guide the strategy. The DOO position is an executive level role that is a progression from the OBM role. This certification will allow an OBM to level up your client base so you can move toward a business model with fewer clients and more profit.

How much time do I need to commit to this program on a weekly basis?

I advise all members to block out 1-2 hours per week to consume and implement the weekly content and curriculum, an additional 90 minutes for our weekly strategy session.

Does this program teach how to start an Operations business?

This program is not designed for a beginner. It is for established business owners who are ready to take their already-successful business to the next level.

Do you have a program syllabus I can see?
What's the difference between a certification and a course?

A course does not have any criteria to join and complete, and it is also usually self-paced. A certification has a beginning and end date, and there is also criteria to join or complete the program.

Can I buy this program for a team member?

Absolutely! It’s so important for business owners to support their team members, especially if they love your business as much as you do. Just make sure they’re ready for the leap too!

What’s the investment for the program?

The beta round of the program is $2,997. There are also 2 payment plans available: 3 payments of $1097 OR 6 payments of $577. The price will double in the next round.

Do you have a cheaper DIY version instead?

The massive value in this program exists in the customized mentoring for you and your business. While the content is uniform for all members, the way you utilize it and implement it into your life and business is highly personalized. There is no way to effectively DIY that portion of the program.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

This is a highly-vetted program and my team and I will not enroll a member that is not a perfect fit. To that end, there is no money-back or refund in place as it is highly unnecessary considering the program parameters for entry.

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