Growing a business means that sometimes you have to let go of tasks in your business so you can focus on what you do best. But it’s hard to let go of things. Your business is your baby that you’ve grown and nurtured from its infancy.

Think of it in terms of parenting: You can’t do it all alone. You need support from family and friends, teachers, community members and more in order to raise your child through adulthood. It’s the same with a business. The more you grow, the more help you’ll need.

How to Set Yourself Up for a Delegation Mindset

We often don’t think about outsourcing tasks until we hit overwhelm. We’re ready to throw in the towel unless we get some help already.

But we also resist hiring because we’re not sure we’re ready to trade hard-earned money for peace of mind. Besides, our business is so congested and backlogged that the last thing we have is time to train someone.

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My Own Delegation Story

Early in my corporate career, I wanted to do it all. I loved taking on new roles and new tasks because I was able to serve my employer and bosses. But this was also my process for figuring out what my strengths were.

As solid as I am today, I struggled with determining what I was great at. I needed to be needed and known so I took most roles that were offered to me, but that never allowed me to go super deep into one discipline.

As I worked my way up the corporate ladder, people came to me for everything–even for support on projects that weren’t anywhere close to my job title. I was pulled in different directions because my skillset was so wide.

As I transitioned out of corporate and into business ownership, I struggled initially with having a delegation mindset. But now, I was struggling with spending the money on hiring a team. I quickly saw that I could only take on so much by myself and that delegating tasks brought me peace of mind and significant business growth.

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When You Don’t Delegate

“Busy” is pretty popular today, especially among female entrepreneurs. But trying to do it all negatively impacts your family, your health, and your business. Relationships at home and in your business will start to fall apart if you neglect them because your to-do list is too long.

If you’re struggling with needing to invest financially in your business, you may need some help with your money mindset. I recommend checking out Tonya Rineer and her Profit Party Podcast for some tough love and mindset shifts.

If you’re a Type A personality like me (or even if you’re not), it may feel strange to let go of some of the tasks in your business. But I guarantee there are things in your business you don’t especially like to do–or don’t do well.

When you delegate, you free up your time to work with your clients, network with others and learn more about your industry. And you leave tasks for others that you’re just never going to get to (let’s be honest here).

Are you ready to make the shift towards a delegation mindset in your business?

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