If you’re like most business owners, you held all the roles when you first started. You worked crazy hours, burned the candle at both ends and probably did some jobs in your business that you’re not entirely skilled at.

That’s totally normal. And you probably learned a ton.

Hire the Right People and Scale Your Business

But you don’t have the time or energy to keep that up in the long term. It’s exhausting, and you’re actually holding yourself back from success (despite being able to hold onto all the dollars you’re making because you don’t need to pay anyone else).

But Now You’re Ready to Scale Your Business

As soon as you possibly can, I recommend hiring a virtual assistant, someone who can take some of the load off of your shoulders so you can go back to being the CEO of your business.

Know what roles you’re hiring for before you start looking for team members. What will you have them do?Click To Tweet

First, though, you need to know who you’re hiring and for what roles.

Virtual assistants wear many hats in business, and every hat might look just a little bit different depending on what the business owner needs. There are VAs who specialize in systems, others who take care of tech, some who are great on the customer support side and still others who can fill multiple roles. You need to know what roles you need filled before you start looking for someone to fill them.

Action Step:

To determine what roles you want and need to fill in your business, take stock of exactly what you’re doing in your business on a regular basis. Spend two full days writing out every task you do in your business.

I recommend setting a timer to go off every hour. Then write down everything you did in that hour–from answering emails to posting a blog to sending invoices to messaging a client. No matter how mundane or vital the task was, write it down.

Action step before hiring: Write down everything you do for two full days. Then, take stock.Click To Tweet

Doing this will help you to figure out where you’re spending your time and which of those tasks you can delegate to someone else. Here’s how to look at the tasks you’ve written down:

Good tasks to delegate:

  • Anything that doesn’t take a lot of training.
  • Any tasks you hate to do.
  • Tasks that you’re not an expert at.
  • Things that you spend more time procrastinating than actually doing.

What not to delegate:

  • Tasks that you live to do, that you love.
  • High-end money-generating tasks.
  • Visionary and planning tasks.

Time to Hire!

For me, the moment I had the financial ability, I started hiring team members for my business. Having other people take on roles that I didn’t like to do (or just never got around to) freed up my time so I could be the visionary CEO that I want to be.

But hiring team members isn’t always easy; it was a huge mental block for me. Take my content, for example. I literally wrote one blog post in my first 11 months of business. I knew I was launching a course and I needed more visibility if I was going to grow, so I finally hired someone to help me develop a strategy for my content and then create it for me. Then she hands it over to my business manager to load–and I literally don’t have to touch it aside from reviewing content outlines that my strategist creates.

Once I started hiring, I could focus on being the CEO of my business. I had new revenue streams and higher-capacity services.Click To Tweet

With that big piece of my business off my plate, I can develop new revenue streams and deliver my services at a higher capacity than I could before. Because even though I wasn’t actually creating content, I was wasting a lot of energy worrying about it!

And even better is that I’ve created roles in my business so each team member can work seamlessly with one another–further saving me time and developing an amazing culture in my business that makes it fun and fulfilling for everyone.

Before you hire anyone and set yourself up to scale your business, it’s essential to be clear on the foundational elements of your business: your mission, vision, and values. It’s especially important that your new team members line up with your values.


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