When you’re new to business, you usually don’t have any capital. You have a deficit of money and have more time on your hands than you will later in business.

During these formative years of your biz, you get down and dirty and bootstrap everything. You do it all on your own because, frankly, that’s all you can afford to do. The blinders are firmly in place and you keep the amount of technology you’re using to run your business to what you can figure out on your own.

Sound familiar? That’s how I started my business. It wasn’t pretty, but I didn’t have the money to hire others–aside from the business coach I prioritized.

I wrote all the emails (if they got done at all), figured out Canva and ConvertKit, scheduled the social media.

When hiring is better than learning a new skill


Eventually, though, you’ll hit a wall. Your business will grow to the point that you can’t grow more without some help. Or you’ll need something that you just can’t possibly do yourself.

That’s when scaling is the right next step for you.

Deciding what to hire out doesn’t have to be a struggle. It’s really just a matter of answering a couple of key questions and then taking action.


What can you NOT do?

If you’re like me, it’s the tech that trips you up. As your business grows, you’ll want to segment your email list, build funnels, build professional-looking opt-ins, run Facebook ads, etc. If this is your wheelhouse, great! But if not, hiring it out makes a lot more sense than digging in and trying to figure it out yourself. You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration and it will also get done right the first time–giving you the results you want.

I recommend hiring out what you can’t do–but need–first. Your areas of weaknesses should be your first hires while you hang onto everything else.

Just like at home, when you’d hire out someone to fix your garage door or window locks for you as a priority over a cleaning person. You likely can’t do the former yourself, while the latter is just something you don’t want to do. Hire out what would take you too much time to learn yourself.


What do you NOT love doing?

Just like the other regular weekly chores at home, there are things you do in your business because you have to–not because you want to.

One of the best things about growing your business is having the freedom to pay someone to do the things you don’t love. For me, that’s creating content, scheduling social media and managing the logistics of a launch, among other things.

Once you have the tasks you can’t do delegated out, think about what’s really needed in your business that you put off or just don’t do because you dislike it so much. Those tasks will be your next hires. Because, let’s face it, you can probably do it yourself just fine if you put in the time. But you don’t really want to.

Throughout the life of your business, the tasks you delegate may change. Your needs will change as your business grows and develops so you’ll want to be flexible and fluid to adjust for this. Know in advance what it is that you’ll hands-down hire out because it’s not something that’s in (nor do you want it to be in) your wheelhouse.


What is it you need next in your business?

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