If you’re struggling to get it all done in your business, or you’ve seen stagnant growth because you’re not spending the time you need to grow, it’s probably time to hire some help in your business. We’ve talked about hiring before, but the key is knowing who to hire next.

There are two main parts of your business:

  1. The front-facing part that your audience and clients see
  2. The back-end operations.

How to decide where you need help in your business

Think of it like a restaurant. The wait staff and hostesses are your customer support team, the culinary creations are your end product that your clients see and the aesthetics of the restaurant (tablecloths, centerpieces, wall art, etc.) are the social media posts and the feel that your brand gives off.

The back-end of your business is all the behind-the-scenes that you don’t see at a restaurant. Someone has to wash the dishes and clean up once the customers leave. That’s your own team, helping you to get it done in your business. And your customers expect the best product when working with you. You and your executive chef (your business coach or strategist) need to develop new recipes to wow your audience. Of course, someone also needs to make sure the bills get paid and the kitchen is stocked.

In the online business world, the front of the house is more strategic and the back is operational. When you’re thinking about who to hire next, think about which side of your business is more stressful at the time: operations or strategy.

For the majority of business owners, it’s the operations where they need the most support. People to help them implement and deliver on the back-end so that everything continues to run smoothly. Especially when they’re scaling, building and growing.

Operations support in business includes social media managers, business managers, project managers, copy editors, videographers. Anyone who supports the business owner but doesn’t necessarily have direct contact with your customers or clients.

If you’re feeling stagnant in your business and need a boost to fight a plateau–or do something you’re uncomfortable with–it’s time for more strategic support. This includes a marketing strategist, Facebook ads person, business strategist or coach. These are people who don’t necessarily have 1:1 contact with your clients but they can impact how you work with them and how you show up as a business owner.

So what do you need next? That’s up to you to decide. The simple answer is to ask yourself: Where do you feel you have gaps right now? And then assess the health of your business.

If you’re comfortable with what you’re doing (the offers, how you’re supporting people–you know, what you’re delivering to the table and how your “restaurant” looks when someone walks in), look for strategic help to help you uplevel or change up offers. But if you’re having trouble delivering on promises, making people happy or getting the visibility you want (because you’re running out of ingredients for your dishes or the oven is broken), it’s time to bring on some operations help.

It’s not a simple process, but making hiring decisions shouldn’t have to stall out your business. Biz Planning Bootcamp can help!

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