Everyone needs time away from their regular surroundings from time to time. That’s why we have vacations, so we can reconnect with our loved ones and explore something new–in a way we can’t when we’re at home.

The same holds true in our businesses. We need time away from our home office (or kitchen table) so we can dive deeper into our business and work ON it instead of IN it.

I’ve come to term this the Get it Done Day. A regular day, once a month, to get done some of the admin work that you’re putting off or to dive deeper into a project that you can’t do on a regular day that’s more client-focused.

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Here are some tips to the most productive Get it Done Day possible:

Get it on your calendar

The best Get it Done Day is one that actually happens. It’s easy to get client work on your calendar, since that’s where your revenue is coming from. But you’re not going to move forward in your business if you’re not taking care of you too.

I like to schedule a four-hour block once a week to tune out client work and get my own work done. If you can focus for more than four hours, go for it. But be careful you’re not biting off too much.

Have a priority list

Having a Get it Done Day is only beneficial if you’re really focused. Know ahead of time what you’re going to work on and how each task fits in with your strategic objectives. I recommend breaking up your day into blocks, for example:

  • 1 hour of processes
  • 1 hour of visibility
  • 1 hour of enhancing client experience
  • 1 hour of planning

Get away from home

Getting away from your regular schedule and environment is key to actually getting the work done. Forget about the laundry, the dirty floors, the other distractions at home and go somewhere else. A local coffee shop, the library or a coworking space will give you the tunnel vision you need to work on your business that you won’t get in your home office.

Have supplies on hand

Listen, you can’t work on an empty stomach, right? If you’re spending your day at a coffee shop or mom and pop restaurant, you have ready access to some yummy treats. But otherwise, make sure you pack in the treats that help you stay focused. Sweets, salty, crunch…Whatever will keep you focused is the way to go! You’ll also want things like a journal or notebook, sticky notes, blank paper and, of course, your laptop. Don’t forget to pack that power cord too.

Have you identified what’s missing in this scenario?

A Get it Done Day can do wonders for your business, especially when done consistently. You’re able to check a lot of things off your to-do list and feel accomplished. Sometimes, however, that’s a problem: What you work on during your solo day tends to be very task-oriented. So while you’re getting things done, you’re not necessarily moving your business forward.

The one big thing that’s missing in your Get it Done Day is the power of community. Every business owner needs a community of like-minded people surrounding her–especially when she’s looking to make big strides in her business.

When you’re in front of other inspired women, you’re more likely to tackle things on your strategic priorities that you’re not going to do on your own.

I always recommend partnering up with others for a more robust Get it Done experience. Details and other arrangements can be shared and you benefit from being surrounded by a hive mind. There’s a wider breadth of knowledge in the room that can help you get further than you would on your own.

This is exactly why I started the Get it Done Getaway. Not only do you get away from your home office to get the work done in your business, you can do it while surrounded by a solid community of motivated women who have expertise in a wide range of industries. And all the details are taken care of by yours truly–so all you have to do is get there!

The doors are opening for the October Gathering and I don’t want you to miss out! Click here to learn more and get on the wait list.

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