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I’ve said it before. We’re not meant to do this business thing alone. Personally, I’d be lost without my biz besties, coaches and mastermind sisters. I thrive on the conversations, interaction, ideas and motivational accountability.

It’s these people who can make the difference between a thriving business you love and what feels like a J-O-B that you’re struggling to get off the ground.

Masterminds especially are really valuable for that accountability and forward momentum, but they’re not for everyone or for every stage of business.

Do you need a mastermind for your business?


So who is a mastermind for?

And how do you know if you need one in your business? So glad you asked!

If you’ve been in business a few years, you’re likely at a place where you’re no longer trying to figure out the nuts and bolts of business. You’ve made some of the important decisions and you’re ready to implement some big ideas.

You have big things going on in your business, building your team and scaling your business.

You’re making money in your business but sometimes you get caught in the weeds of back-end processes that hold you up.


What Are the Benefits of a Mastermind?

A mastermind provides the support and guidance you need to help you move your business forward. Because it includes a diverse group of people with varied backgrounds and business types, you get tons of ideas and gain knowledge you wouldn’t get by hiring a 1:1 coach.

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When you’re in the right mastermind for you, you can start to see your business and yourself through someone else’s eyes as you leverage ideas and support one another.

When you’re working inside your own business alone or with a small team, there aren’t a lot of people who know your business inside and out to help you leverage ideas. With a mastermind, you get the brainpower to do just that.

It’s really an amazing place to be in business and something that, when you show up the right way, can help grow your business by leaps and bounds.

Think about it. How many people in your in-person life actually understand your business and what you do? If you run your business online, your family and friends probably give you a blank stare when you talk about Facebook ads, email marketing, virtual coffee chats and the like. And what about all those besties you met on Facebook? Say what!?

Even better, as a member of a mastermind, you also have the ability to stretch your own helper muscle as you give feedback to your mastermind sisters. You learn about how others do business as you help, making you a better business owner (and business bestie) at the same time. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Not sure if a mastermind is the right next step for you?

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