I hate to generalize, but it’s pretty trendy for women to not be able to look at ourselves or our businesses through objective lenses. We’re very hard on ourselves and tend to think we’re not enough–both in the home and in business. Just look in the mirror and you’re sure to see something different from what everyone else sees.

It’s not true that we’re not enough. But we find fault in one aspect of our lives and businesses and focus there, rather than on all the positives we have going for us.

Stop Struggling Get in the Organized Mindset

Take organization, for example. When we’re not organized in life or in business, chaos ensues. Things don’t get done as they should and we don’t know where to focus our efforts. That leads to a downward spiral of negative self-talk and hours of being unproductive.

It’s a mental game and one that we’re fully capable of overcoming–with the right mindset and tools.

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The Unorganized Business Owner

Chances are you can relate to some of this, and you’ve labeled yourself “unorganized.”

  • Office clutter and chaos have taken up residence in your workspace and your brain, causing you to stare blankly at the wall (or the computer screen or the clutter itself).
  • Overwhelm is part of your daily life, with your mind constantly busy but with nothing really getting done.
  • Morale in your business is low, whether you have a team or not, and you think about throwing in the towel on a regular basis.
  • You miss deadlines for your own business and your clients because you don’t have a dedicated system for working through client projects.
  • Conversations with team members and clients are strained because you’ve told yourself that you’re not good enough.

The worst part of this is that as soon as we’ve told ourselves that we’re unorganized, that’s the path our business takes. Often if you resonate with one of the bullet points above, you’ll quickly recognize others in yourself.

Try recognizing some of the qualities of an organized business owner instead. Because I know you have some of these too.

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The Organized Business Owner

  • You’re eager to implement ideas in your business because you know that money happens during implementation–not during planning.
  • You surround yourself with productivity and people who are inherently productive.
  • You’re motivated to move forward in business and to watch your vision come to fruition.
  • You’re focused during each bucket of time you have in your life. During scheduled work time, you focus solely on the tasks you need to complete to meet your goals.
  • You’re successful because you’re taking action in both your business and in your home.

Being organized doesn’t always come naturally to everyone. It’s a process that takes time, determination and structure. But it’s not impossible, even for the most fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants business owner. It’s all about creating a strategic map for your business so you can constantly move forward, in whatever way that is best for you and your business.

What can you do to move from unorganized to organized?

If you feel more like the unorganized business owner, first take a moment and congratulate yourself on something you’re doing well. What’s that one bit of positive that lives inside all those negative thoughts you shove at yourself daily?

Next, you’ll want to find out what kind of planner you are so you can combat the challenges where they are (which is mostly in your mindset, by the way).

Take my quiz on your planner personality and grab some tips on what to do to get on the right track.

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