One of the great things about going to a 9-to-5 is that there’s someone at the water cooler with you. Someone’s shoulder to cry on, an ear to get advice from, a sounding board to complain to, and (most importantly) someone to celebrate with.

Then comes that call to do something else. Whether that call is a forced move across the country, losing your job because of changes in the organization, a maternity leave that you just couldn’t return from or something else, so many of you have answered that call with a new, growing business that lights you up inside and out.

But usually, a big change like moving from corporate to entrepreneurship brings a loss too. You’re now working solo from your couch or home office and that water cooler no longer exists. Your friends and family don’t understand that yes, you are actually working and no, you’re not just hanging out on social media all day. (sheesh)

The big hole in your business and your heart is a lack of community.

Community: a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common; a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attributes, interests and goals –

When you were in Corporate America, you shared a community with your co-workers (love ‘em or hate ‘em). You naturally had people to bounce ideas off of and people to lean on when the going got rough.

But now, on your own, you’re isolated and don’t have anyone who truly understands what’s going on behind the scenes of your business.

This is such a common challenge for business owners who are working on growing and scaling. There’s a lot of support and help for new business owners–courses and 1:1 coaching to help get off the ground. And seasoned business owners have high-level (ahem, expensive) masterminds to help support them.

But that business owner who’s not a newbie? Who has come into her own as a growing leader but hasn’t quite figured out how to make the next big leap? And who is feeling that pull to have others around for moral support?

That is where the programs and guidance are lacking.

I think that’s because when we’re not newbies and we’re not ready for a big financial investment in a high-level mastermind, there’s a lot of personalization that needs to happen in our businesses.

Business looks so different for everyone, depending on who you serve and how you serve them. That requires having someone or a group of people look at your business through a very different lens. And too many business coaches and strategists aren’t willing to take that look.

But when they do? Oh, sister! The growth that they’ll see over time! And the fun you’ll have–with all the hard work in between.

“…facilitating conversation between the incredible ladies in the group…”

“…optimize every area of my business…”

“…the support from my fellow members kept my head in the game…”

“…trusted business advisor that I desperately needed…”

“…given me confidence…”

“…creating systems allowed me to take a break from my podcast…”

This is what women in that empty space are saying when they finally get the support and guidance that they need. When their very individualized business needs are met in a fun and inspiring environment.

Because we left corporate for a dream, and that dream shouldn’t feel like a nightmare of stress and frustration.

Community isn’t a Facebook group or a coffee chat or an email list. Sure, you can foster part of a community in those places, but that’s not where the real connection and growth is.

It’s in real relationships you build over time. It’s in the trust you place in others who have your back. And it’s in how you feel when you get off a call with a group of like-minded business owners.

My question to you is this: Where is your community?

If you feel like you’re missing community in your business and your life, I want to invite you to join the A-Team. Those comments you saw above? Those women have all been part of A-Team. Every one of them. I want you to feel that way too!

Learn more about A-Team here.

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