We all get there at some point in this business journey. The days when things don’t feel quite right. When you miss the team aspect of being in corporate (but definitely not the dress code). When working from your home office has you up to “here” with distractions.

It seems like this feeling hits harder during the summer too.

Is it time to go back to corporate so you can start to feel that camaraderie again, and get your rhythm back? Not necessarily.

What's missing from your business?

What is likely missing in your business right now is that action, collaboration and support you get when you’re working with other people. Sure, you get that from your clients because the work you do for them is why you went into business in the first place. But you also get it from the people you surround yourself with in your business.

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I’ve talked before about the importance of having that community of biz besties and mastermind sisters on your side. But it’s also vital to have a similar vibe when you’re hiring for your business.

As your business grows, you’ll start to see that you’re adding roles. At first, you’ll likely take on those roles, but it’s common to get frustrated with these new hats you’re wearing (the marketing, the video editing, the project management).

All of this takes you away from doing the thing you love in your business, and from doing what actually brings in the revenue.

But deciding what’s missing in your business goes beyond just filling roles that no longer serve you, the business owner. It’s about bringing on the people you need for action, collaboration and support. In other words, you’re growing your business in a different way.

Deciding what’s missing in your business goes beyond just filling roles that no longer serve you, the business owner.Click To Tweet

I’ve talked a bit about using assessments to help you with hiring decisions, specifically the Kolbe Assessment.

As the business owner, you’re the visionary, the one with the ideas and dreams. What you might lack (as many business owners do) is the ability to make those ideas and dreams come true. You may not be an integrator or implementor, something that’s essential in getting things done. You need someone on your team to help you with that and to provide the action that you lack.

Aside from that, you (on your own) also lack the collaboration and support that you need to keep the momentum going. Having team members who believe in you, your business and what you’re doing is huge when you want to stop feeling so alone.

So what’s missing from your business?

  1. Action – When you’re hiring, look for someone who’s an implementer or integrator. This person will help turn your thoughts into action and will get things done for you.
  2. Collaboration – If you need a sounding board in your business, you need someone who can validate your ideas. This can also be someone who you strategize with and collaborate with to create something together.
  3. Support – Your team members should be supportive of your business. When you’re having a crappy day, you should be able to turn to your team for support and encouragement because they’re deep in the back-end of your business and understand what’s going on.

And that’s where those personality and skills assessments come in, to help you determine not just what tangible skills people can bring to the table but what kind of support and motivator they will be for you.

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