Without visionaries, there wouldn’t be a lot of change in the world. Visionaries have the ideas that spark new ways of doing things and grow businesses from nothing.

Think: Henry Ford and the assembly line, Thomas Edison and the lightbulb, and Oprah Winfrey and television empires.

But these amazing visionaries didn’t do it all by themselves. There was someone behind the scenes, acting as a sounding board, someone who could help put ideas together and get things done. Not on Day One, but eventually the visionaries’ ideas were so grand that they needed someone on their side to help them move forward.

As you’ve heard me say before, we can’t do it all alone. (And you shouldn’t try!)

Every business has different roles in it, whether you’re a solopreneur or have a small team. You need a visionary, an implementer and an integrator (what I like to call your right-hand lady–or guy).

We’ve talked a little about those do-ers in your business before, but I want to really look at who a visionary is and why she so badly needs a right hand present in her business.

visionaries, right-hand roles

What is a Visionary?

A visionary is typically the CEO (you, if you own a business). She has big ideas about where she wants the business to go and can see things from the big picture perspective. She finds ideas and opportunities that will help the business grow and she spends a lot of time learning more about her industry so she can stay ahead of the curve and the competition.

The visionary is really good at inspiring her team and getting them excited about what’s coming next. She’s usually the person to hop on sales calls and can close the sale more often than not. She knows what she wants and what that looks like, complete with a well-thought-out vision for life and business.

What is a Visionary NOT?

In a nutshell, the visionary is not the person to make all those grand ideas come to life. Because she has so many ideas, she can’t seem to pull them together in a cohesive plan. If ever someone was guilty of “squirrel syndrome,” it’s a visionary.


A visionary is also not the right person to train the team, mostly because she’s held the reigns for so long that it’s tough to let go. And because she’s not very detail-oriented, so a lot tends to go unsaid.

Why? Because she’s the visionary. It’s her job to think up the ideas, but it’s someone else’s job to make them happen.

In the early stages of business, of course it’s the visionary, the CEO, who’s going to have to do it all. That’s kind of the way it goes. (I know you understand. Are you there right now?) But eventually, that visionary needs some help if she’s going to continue growing.

Enter the right-hand role. The integrator.

What is a Right-Hand Role?

The right-hand role is the person who guides and leads the visionary so she doesn’t get in her own way. She’s the realistic side, letting the CEO know how the dreams will come to fruition and when the dreams just aren’t going to happen in the visionary’s timeframe. She takes care of talent management and moves projects forward so the visionary doesn’t get stuck in the weeds.

The right-hand lady is charged with holding the CEO and other team members (and even clients) accountable for tasks and to-do’s so that everything runs smoothly. She ensures that goals are reached, decisions are made and those standard operating procedures are followed.

What is a Right-Hand Role NOT?

Frankly, not much. I know I couldn’t live without my right-hand lady, Esther of Morningstar Media. I come up with the big ideas and she puts the plan in place to make it happen. Which is exactly what I do for my own clients.

See, a visionary can also be an integrator–for someone else’s business. Because as a visionary, it’s hard to let your realistic side come out for your own business.

What Role are YOU in?

Who are you in business? Are you that person who has big ideas but no idea how she’s going to achieve them? Or are you itching to dive into someone else’s business and point her in the right direction?

Are you tired of training new hires and making sure projects stay on track because it’s taking you away from being visible? Or are you happy behind the scenes, checking off all the to-do’s and priorities?

If you’re a visionary who is still trying to implement #allthethings yourself, don’t worry. You’ll get there! But if you feel like you were born for the right-hand role, I’ve got a free guide for you.

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