Sought After and Successful

Forget making a name for yourself- you’re already there. It’s time to use the power of being the sought-after leader in your space to achieve the explosive success your business is on the brink of experiencing, with ongoing business management of your team, processes and projects.

How We Can Work Together:

Choose one of the following options that best meets your needs. Or, you can just click the button below to contact me, and I’ll help you determine what you need!

A Strategy Call  with me is perfect for someone needing brainstorming and strategic ideas for their business. This 50-minute call will give you a chance to share your ideas, and I’ll provide feedback and input to help you create a plan to move forward. When you book a strategy call, you’re sure to walk away with a plan of action!


Are you ready to create a game plan to move your business forward effectively? My Business Planning Sessions are perfect for someone needing to create a quarterly game plan for their business. This is a set of (2) 50-minute calls. During these calls, we will do a complete evaluation of your business, prioritize your goals, and develop a strategic plan for the coming quarter. You’ll walk away knowing exactly how to spend your time over the coming weeks and months!


Ready to hire, but don’t have time to manage the process? Hiring is one of my favorite things to do!

With this service, I’ll help do the following:

  • Create job description
  • Create Typeform to collect leads
  • Interview 5-7 multiple people and provide Kolbe assessments
  • Provide 1-3 qualified candidates for you to interview

Starting at $1000

Your team has grown, you have multiple streams of income, and you need help managing it all. That’s where I come in. As your chief of staff, I can provide oversight to your rapidly expanding team and business, allowing you to be the CEO of your business.

Starting at $2500 per month

Currently this service is full. Contact me to get on the waiting list.

Tired of feeling stressed and disorganized in your biz?

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